The Holy Grail, 2010

Den heliga Gral, eller The Holy Grail, handlar om barnlöshet och spelades in vintern 2010 på NKD, ett konstnärscentrum i Dale, vid en fjord 14 mil norr om Bergen i Norge. Det var den tredje filmen av Magdalena Dziurlikowska i samarbete med Niklas Rydén

”A film about existential questions and self chosen childlessness. My film “I haven’t asked for this” is about the same thing and was made in 2007. Three years later I wanted to revisit the same topic. I speak about this hard choice in life as I walk around in surroundings characterized by coldness and loneliness but also by freedom and strength. Karen Blixen said once that no one can chase The Holy Grail with a baby stroller. Is that really so? And what is The Holy Grail, that I sacrifice so much for?” Magdalena Dziurlikowska

Magdalena Dziurlikowska in collaboration with Niklas Rydén, 2010, 14 min.
Executed: Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dale, NKD, Artist in Residence.
Exhibited: Eskilstuna Konstmuseum, Vårsalongen Liljevalchs.
Collections: Filmform.

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The Holy Grail, 2010
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