2020; Familjen fonogram  The NewOpera CO performance The Family was released as an album. With bonus films from studio and an own web-site.

2019; It wasn’t me. An english spoken science fiction-musical about AI and hidden worlds by Nicola Bremer. Music and acting by Niklas Rydén and Saga B Jönsson. Adapted to film by Rydén.

2019; Regrets VR. An experiment with putting music drama into VR with the sound experience i focus. In twelve scenes/songs we meet the artists in 360-film, 3D and 360 augmented with 3D objects. With support from Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park.

2018; Regrets. A newopera with NewOpera CO about regrets, guilt and reconciliation. Here is an adaption to film.

2018; Säg till! A political new opera/cabaret with NewOpera CO. Here’s an adoption to film.

2017; Mirror in the mirror   A dance performance by Eva Ingemarsson where dancers are hanging from the roof. With music and adaption to film by Niklas Rydén.

2017; AtalanteVR. A VR-app to the venue Atalante’s 30 years anniversery. A ten minutes journey through different rooms in a virtual gallery where danceperformances and music drama from Atalante is presented together with a dinosaur and a short travel in space.

2016: The Family. A newopera about parents and children. Here six scenes are adapted to film. (27 min)

2015; Finns det en gräns? A film to an exhibition at Hälsinglands museum about activism and democracy made from a discussion with, among others, Per Wirtén. (25 min)

2014 ; Kabaret Kosmos  Akt 1, Akt 2. A cabaret created by Niklas Rydén together with a colourful  group of artists. Adapted to film. (43+51 min)

2014; Allt har sin tid? A film to an exhibition at Hälsinglands Museum about religion in Sweden today. The film is a conversation between two religion historians. (12 min)

2013, De Brutna Mönstren. Monumental video projection to a new permanent textile exhibition at Hälsinglands Museum. The projection shows 42 persons putting on their clothes. (150 min)

2013; Spegeln. Interviews and projections to a new dance piece by Eva Ingemarsson. Also four short films that are adaptions of the performance. Se Black Water, Flood of broken glass and The portrait gallery. (67 min) (16 min per film)

2013; Mother of Pearl. A big film project together with Magdalena Dziurlikowska. The three films are about her relations to her mother. One is fictional, Mother of Pearl, 22:17, and the other are documentary, Porcelain Princess, 20;06, Polish Palace, 31:51. (74 min)

2013; Three films about Hälsingland together with Magdalena Dziurlikowska, Gården, 29:53 min, Resan, 27:31 min, Festen 29:37 min. The films are art documentaries about som aspects on Hälsingland. They where showed for a year at Hälsinglands Museum. (86 min)

2012: Water Colours. Short film in cooperation with Magdalena Dziurlikowska. The film is about different aspects on water in the world, and is a poetic comment to environmental question. Shown at Galleri Box in Göteborg. (20 min)

2012: Cirkus: Adaption to film of the opera with NewOpera CO. Akt 1, Akt 2, Akt 3. (105 min)

2011: Systrar – Tesoro III. Film and projection to a dance performance by Eva Ingemarsson. (57 min)

2011: Don’t mention the music. Short film by Magdalena Dziurlikowska and Niklas Rydén. A film about unability to sing, and the sorrow that creates. (15 min)

2011: Secret Life. Short film by Magdalena Dziurlikowska and Niklas Rydén. Made for the Turku-biennal, where it also was showed. The film i s a diptyk filmed in the palace of the biennal and is about failure or success in life and the hard struggling artist. (14 min)

2010: Favourite things. A short film by Magdalena Dziurlikowska och Niklas Rydén. Filmed on a residence at Ekerö, Åland. Ten short reflections over life inspired by places on the location. Shown at Göteborg International film festival. (17 min)

2010; Marrakech. An uncommented journal from the journey Atalante did to Marrakech in May 2010. Films and stills from a variety och consumer cameras are puzzled together. (35 min)

2010; Vi i Villa. An adaptation from the new version of Vi i Villa. So far only one scene. More will come. (23 min)

2010; The holy Graal. A new film collaboration with Magdalena Dziurlikowska. This time during an artist in residence scholarship at NKD, Nordic Artist Centre Dale. The film setting is a cold and beautiful snow covered Norwegian fjord landscape, and the film is about self chosen childlessness. (15 min)

2009; Kritik. A new film cooperation with the artist Magdalena Dziurlikowska. The film is about art criticism as well as artistic work, and is filmed at the Venice Biennial. (9 min)

2009; Defensa. Defensa, or Tesoro 2 is Eva Ingemarssons second performance with the three cubes. This time it was three dancers realating to three cubes on the floor, and three artefacts hanging in the roof. Up there the dancers could be seen all the time in a film version relating to what was happening on the stage. Niklas Rydén did the filming. (75 min)

2009; Självplågeri. The first film cooperation with the artist Magdalena Dziurlikowska. The film was made on an artist in residence scholarship at Danielsgården in Dalarna. The theme of the film is self destructivness in every day life. (9 min)

2009; Vi i Villa. The first film version from the Newopera. (125 min)

2008; Marrakech VGR. This film is about the Swedish Culture week Atalante arranged in Marrakech in may 2008. With a grant from Stiftelsen Framtidens Kultur a documentary film was produced by Robert Eklund and Uncas Rydén. Niklas Rydén was involved during the whole process and made the final editing assisted by Eva Ingemarsson. (35 min)

2007; Tesoro. The film version from the dance performance by Eva Ingemarsson. Eva Ingemarsson did perform this solo by herself. It is a solo with three cubes on the stage. In one performance Eva is in reality, dancing, thinking, talking. In the other there are filmed version of Eva. The performance was directed by Victoria Brattström and tells it’s story based on Eva’s own dreams and the relation between the differnet incarnations of herself on stage.  (90 min)

2006; Uppvind Akt I, Akt II, Akt III. The filmed version from the Newopera Uppvind. Uppvind is Niklas Rydéns first Newopera, created in collaboration with the artists in New Opera CO. This is an adaptation from a stage performance. (95 min)

2005; Go to hell or leave in peace. The film version from the dance performance by Eva Ingemarsson. This time the dancers are three men, Michael Eddie Edwinson, Miguel Cortés and Hannes Rydén. They dance and tell us about their relations to their fathers. (18 min)

2005; Ett slag i luften. An unexpected film showing drummer Hannes Rydén playing the drums to a prerecorded song. The drum beat is played with the sticks in the air, without any drums, with the computer game Drumania. (4 min)

2005; Die blaue mutter. A sound art movie experiment with filmed loops of different things that make sounds. Made as part of AtalanteLAB april 2005. (4 min)

2004; Alterego. Choreographer Eva Ingemarssons remix of material for dancer Janni Groenwold resulted in a solo and a film version that was photographed by Beata Rydén and is mainly a documentation. (≈55 min)

2003; Mellan Dag och Natt. The film version of choreographer Eva Ingemarsson’s dance documentary Mellan Dag och Natt. Edited in cooperation with Ingemarsson. The dancers are Janni Groenwold, Luisa Denward and Åsa Thegerström. (21 min)

2003: Månens fyra ansikten. This is the film version of the dance performance with Eva Ingemarsson Dance Production. Dancers Janni Groenwold, Arngrimur Bjarnason, Mauro Rojas och Åsa Thegerström dance and talk. Tommi Hildén was co-editor. The film was showed at Göteborg Filmfestival 2003. (27 min)

2002; The Frozen Ones. A film version of the dance performance where Janni Groenwold and Arngrimur Bjarnason dance and tell stories from their real life. The film was shown at Göteborg Filmfestival 2002, and was also presented on the DVD “Danssyndrom” from Njutafilms 2002. (24 min)

1999-2005; Dance documentary performances. This period Niklas Rydén has been working closely together with choreographer Eva Ingemarsson. They have developed a method of working with documentary interviews with dancers. They are used in dance performances where the dancers meet themselves as video projections of different kinds. The performances where Niklas Rydén has made interviews and the editing, are The Frozen Ones, Månens fyra ansikten, Mellan Dag och Natt, Alterego och Go to hell or leave in peace.

1999; I det röda. A film with dancer Arngrimur Bjarnason performing in red light. Made together with choreographer Eva Ingemarsson. (12 min)

1998; Ditt bidrag. Niklas Rydén’s school in how an artist can get funds for financing his projects. This film that has been shown on unumerable seminars and courses. It is a satir upon the issue of writing applications for funding art project. The film is a lecture in 11 parts where Niklas Rydén tells all secrets about found raising. The film was originally made as a part of a project at Galleri 54 1998. (35 min)

1986-1998; Unfinished dance films. During a long period Niklas Rydén has been filming many dance projects produced by choreograper Eva Ingemarsson and Gunilla Witt. Following performances were filmed with intention to future editing, and are waiting to be edited:

Bro till bro, Götaplatsens trappor, Allting rasar inför en naken skuldra. (These are documentations. These below are “filmed” to be edited.)

Lögnsolo, Objudna gäster, I ett vitt intet, Den installerade kvinnan, Bröllopsnatten, Fotografen, Sov, tänker hon.

1990; Tre sånger om liv. The last in the trilogy of extensive (one year work) documentaries by Niklas Rydén. These are close up portraits af three persons with different handicaps. Lena, with a light mental retardation, Daniel, severly physical handicapped, and unable to speak, and Lars-Göran, psychotic, and also unable to speak. Through interviews with people around them, and meeting with themselves he made a film that intended to help people understand what it really is to be handicapped, or to work professionally in care. The film was produced by the country council of Bohuslän. (58 min)

1988; Jag vill känna mig fri. Niklas Rydén’s second documentary on a bigger scale. The country council paid Niklas Rydén and Mia xxx to make a film that told the truth about attitude problems and other bad conditions in institutional geriatric care. The film aroused strong feelings and were used on seminar’s for traing of staff. (≈55 min)

1987; Lingatan. A big documentary project. Over a year Niklas Rydén followed the people that lived and worked in a house which was the home of five mentally retarded people. It is a film about relations between professional staff and relatives. The film process started important dynamics in the group that came to change some things dramatically. (58 min)

198x; Rätten att se. A film about a new way to discover defects of vision in people who are not able to communicate with words. It is, among other things, a film about the small and big issue of what it can mean to get the right spectacles. (≈25 min)

198x; Two schools. Two ten minute videos about two schools for mentally retarded. (2×10 min)

198x: Vi lär av varann. Niklas Rydén’s first commercial video was a summary from a big seminar hold by the country council. (≈30 min)

1982; Summer activities. A film about cultural and social activities as a way to change and develop institutional care and the staff working there. (30 min)

1980; Institution. Niklas Rydéns first film was about attitudes and structures at a big institution for mentally retarded children. (60 min)

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